Councilmember Clark left office on April 14, 2015.
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It Takes a Mayor

August 15th, 2013

This post is from City Council President Sally Clark, Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the Council’s public safety committee, and Councilmember Tim Burgess. Last Monday morning’s shooting of a Metro bus driver reinforced for many a belief that downtown street crime and disorder is out of control. Contrary to what the Mayor and police commanders […]


Thoughtful DUI Proposals

April 17th, 2013

Wedgwood on a Monday afternoon on a sunny day in front of a middle school. That’s where a man who blew a .22 blood alcohol level drove his car into a grandmother, grandfather, mother, and a 10-day-old infant. The grandparents were killed. Mother and child remain in Harborview in serious condition. These details by themselves […]


Can we keep our attention focused long enough?

January 15th, 2013

My partner and I headed Downtown Sunday to march and rally for rational gun regulation. We joined with other councilmembers, the mayor, a few state legislators, at least one school board member, various clergy and a couple of thousand regular people who believe we are a better society than what we’ve seen on our televisions. […]


Preventing Youth Violence

November 2nd, 2012

Allen Joplin. De’Che Morrison. Perry Henderson. Pierre LaPoint. Quincy Coleman. All of these young men were victims of gun violence in 2008.  Their lost contributions to our community are why in 2009 we – the previous Mayor and Council together with community partners — launched the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. The program has been […]


See It, Send It… Do something

October 11th, 2012

The recent launch of the See It, Send It campaign by the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau Street Scene Task Force has generated a new run of debate over Seattle’s attitudes and responses to disorder Downtown. “Disorder” takes many forms depending upon your threshold.  So far the campaign has forwarded eight (as of this afternoon) […]


Mid-point check-in

July 6th, 2012

Somehow we got into July and I’m not sure how that happened. At the top of this year the Council went through our annual agenda priorities exercise which yielded this 2012 Action Agenda and I thought, “Great. We finished this relatively quickly at the start of the year. Now we have the year ahead of […]


International Clean Up After May Day Day

May 2nd, 2012

I parked at Pacific Place and walked around to see how things looked after the Black Bloc attacks of yesterday. By 9 a.m. there were more media with cameras and mics than workers with drills removing plywood. Everyone seems to be trying to make sense of yesterday’s action and determine if the City could have […]


My first thought is “no”

April 23rd, 2012

I’m supposed to be fair and rational. I’m supposed to give new ideas a fair shake. I’m supposed to ask first, fire later. But drones? Really? This is the latest tech toy we absolutely have to have? OK, I’ll ask and learn, but I’m not optimistic about warming to this idea. I know they aren’t […]


Seeking Safety in Rainier Valley

December 20th, 2011

Sunday night I participated in a safety walk with four officers from SPD and about 40 Othello-area neighbors. We walked and talked through the streets surrounding the Othello Light Rail station – the area where Danny Vega, a beloved member of the city’s Filipino and gay communities, was beaten leading to his death. There’s a […]


Excellence through honest self-reflection

February 28th, 2011

A few weeks ago I wore my Seattle Police Department sweatshirt at the City Hall Open House.  I bought it last fall on a sunny day at the SW Precinct community picnic. The precinct parking lot and sidestreet were packed with neighbors and officers who work together day in and day out to make life […]