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Duwamish River? Waterway?

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Whatever it is, it’s great to see it from a kayak on a July afternoon. Greg Whittaker from Alki Kayak Tours took us (the Clark staff minus Karen, the intern, who we left in charge of the office) on a tour of the upper Duwamish this afternoon for a water-level view of the industrial activity so dependent on the water; the few shore restoration sites under way; and the overall scale of clean-up work needed. The Duwamish is the artery that feeds and moves water-based industry in South Seattle, whether it’s shipping box cars to Alaska on enormous barges, making cement, pressing out drywall or, in the case of the Muckleshoot, fishing in historic tribal waters. The cool thing about Greg as a tour guide is that he worked in environmental planning before opening up his kayak shop and he has a vision of the future Duwamish as a place that will have both successful (less polluting) industry and successful “cracks in the sidewalk,” points and places in between where we will have successfully restored the river bank and recreated salt marshes that create habitat for fish.

On the trek we were followed for a bit by a sea otter and eyed suspiciously by the largest osprey I’ve ever seen. King fishers, purple martins, blue herons, gulls and the ubiquitous urban crow. It’s a terrific tour, but probably better in the evening. Check out the every-other-Monday night Duwamish River tours Greg and his staff guide from now until the end of September.

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