Councilmember Clark left office on April 14, 2015.
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Zero Waste

The vegetarians are weighing in on Zero Waste and it isn’t pretty. We approved the Zero Waste concept for city waste and recycling. The major goals are to stop the increase in waste being hauled to landfill and reach the target of recycling 72 percent of our waste by 2025. One strategy is to increase participation in compost/yardwaste service.

From my email today: “Please consider the thousands of Seattleites who are semi-vegetarians or total vegetarians and compost our vegetarian food scraps. We have little, if any, meat food trash We should be exempted from paying for a service we don’t use. For years the City has encouraged us to compost and has provided compost and worm bins at low cost. Why should we have to pay the same for a food trash collection service that we will seldom, if ever, use? I cook an organic turkey once a year for my family for Thanksgiving. For Christmas I make teriyaki salmon. My husband and I eat seafood at restaurants, but at home I cook only vegetarian.”

OK, OK. Keep in mind that the goal is to price waste collection, compost/yeardwaste and recycling in such a way that you pay for the services you use and you pay relatively less if you recycle more. That’s a hard balance to strike through the rates, but that’s the goal!