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International Clean Up After May Day Day

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I parked at Pacific Place and walked around to see how things looked after the Black Bloc attacks of yesterday. By 9 a.m. there were more media with cameras and mics than workers with drills removing plywood.

A few photos from my visit to Sixth Ave. and Pine Street this morning

Everyone seems to be trying to make sense of yesterday’s action and determine if the City could have done more. Personally, I think SPD officers did a terrific job channeling, quelling, protecting, seizing and arresting where necessary. Some radio voices have called yesterday “WTO II,” but I have a feeling those might be people who weren’t here during WTO I.

A few photos from my visit to Sixth Ave. and Pine Street this morning

A lot of people are talking about what the message from the destruction is supposed to be. I’m “the establishment,” so I know I’m not supposed to understand the message. No one is for corporate greed, but I do like jobs in Downtown. I need a new pair of running pants and was thinking about going to Niketown soon (gasp). I don’t agree with everything in his post, but I did find Brendan Kiley’s post from early, early this morning, “Why All the Smashy-Smashy? A Beginner’s Guide to Targeted Property Destruction,” to be thought-provoking.

A few photos from my visit to Sixth Ave. and Pine Street this morning

I was on the UW campus in 1986 and recall the anti-aparthied actions. I recall the shantytown in Red Square and the crashing of Board of Regents meetings, but not the breaking of a window. It’s hard for me to see the Black Bloc as a meaningful, effective extension or adaptation of the track I personally value more – peaceful, focused civil demonstration and, when necessary, disobedience.


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Comment from MrsWaterClown
Time May 2, 2012 at 12:53 pm

Seriously? Thought provoking post on difference btw violence and vandalism? And what if one of those workers inside of those stores got injured or killed?

I guess you, your colleagues at the Council and Mayor McGinn will just continue to be oblivious to reality. Keep on adding more levies to the ballot (I heard about 2 more education ones totaling OVER a BILLION dollars after one was approved last year PLUS the seawall and library levies).

Get a clue.

Comment from Arif
Time May 22, 2012 at 12:40 pm

I was not at the first march where the windows were being smashed, but did show up for the rest of the day. NPR related McGinns statement about potential violence. That is what had me leave work early and be downtown in time for the second.

I was sure to ask plenty of questions about the vandalism. A couple of things shined through. First of all, the SPD didnt do either a good job or a bad job during the vandalism- they weren’t there. Many of the older folk I talked to were shocked by the fact. When they did show up I am sure they helped to forestall further violence however.

Secondly I personally witnessed in the second march a group of 6 officers take down a protester and go through all of his bags and pockets with one knee on the back of his neck. The entire time the protester was repeating the phrase “I do not consent to this search”. When they found nothing they apologized and let him go.

Thirdly while most of the people I talked to did decry the vandalism it was also added that they weren’t exactly mourning for the targets.

Fourthly in supporting Nike you are supporting child labor, sending jobs overseas and necessitating harmful environmental shipping practices.

I wasnt planning on writing this last point in a comment box but I will anyways. On another non-occupy note if officers have been identified for immediate termination then that is what should happen. Being unfit for a position like policeman does not mean a person should be fired tomorrow. It means they should be fired now, before more bad things happen.

I want my police back.

Thanks for listening.

Comment from game iwin
Time June 21, 2012 at 1:17 am

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