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Sustainability on Seattle’s College Campuses

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I once wrote an editorial for the UW Daily that somehow connected a squirrel carcass that I cycled by every day on my way back and forth from campus to the need for greater recycling. Institutional and devoted recycling was still a new-ish thing. Critics said there’d be added costs and the confusion of how to separate recyclable items. I think I said something about how the squirrel carcass would break down long before any of the non-recyclable materials we were throwing away. I think I ended with “Do it for the squirrel.”

But that’s not my point. My point is you can learn what several of Seattle’s major Universities and college campuses are doing to reduce waste, operate more efficiently, and cut green house gas emissions by attending or checking out the broadcast of Thursday’s noon Council meeting (in City Council Chambers, City Hall) on sustainability on Seattle’s college campuses. We’ll talk with reps from the University of Washington Seattle campus, Seattle University and the Seattle community colleges about their goals for carbon neutrality, recycling, composting and even the production of locally grown food.

The discussion is part of Council’s overall work on climate action. The City is in the midst of devising a new Climate Action Plan and we’ve committed to “carbon neutrality” for Seattle. In discussing with partners how to get to carbon neutrality we decided we’d like to hear from and showcase the work of some of the city’s biggest (in terms of property and operations) institutions. It’s one thing to offer courses on sustainability, it’s another to practice it with tens of thousands of students, thousands of faculty and staff, dozens of kitchens, hundreds of buildings, multiple vehicle fleets, huge public events, and so on.

More Thursday. Do it for the squirrel.


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Comment from Steve Collins
Time July 6, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Your post makes a nice read on environment. What we need today is sustainable development because environmental change and sustainable development are the one of most important issues in the world today. The degradation of the environment through natural as well as human forces is seen everywhere. Although natural forces such as winds, floods, spontaneous fires, volcanic actions, earthquakes have been causing a lot of havoc in the environment for ages, it is only in the past two centuries that man’s direct intervention with the environment in the name of development that has resulted in the speeding up of the process of environmental degradation. So, in order to mitigate this harm to the environment, it is essential to innovate and adopt sustainable developmental strategies. Sustainable development could include strategies such as using clean energy, controlling the carbon footprint, avoiding pollution, and recycling of waste products.

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