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The Corner

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Over the past few days I’ve driven 23rd crossing Union a few times and noticed beautiful poster-size portraits of people in house-like wooden frames on the vacant corner kitty-corner from the old cheese steak place. The southwest corner of 23rd and Union used to be the old Colman Building. The Nisqually earthquake shook that brick building beyond repair and it’s now gone. The lot awaits a new housing development that should appear when the soil cleanup is done and the housing market balances. In the meantime owner Jim Mueller is donating use of the property to The Corner, a very cool, summer-long inter-active art installation telling the history of the corner through people who remember it “then” and who have come to it in the “now.” Check out the website, “the public radio documentary you help to make,” where you can hear interviews with and see portraits of an array of people who live, work, linger and know the Central Area. Former Black Panthers, self-identified gentrifying white artists, former residents, current guardians – and maybe you? By calling the phone number on the website you can contribute your own story of how you remember or know 23rd and Union and the greater Central Area.

This is the greatest interactive public art project I’ve seen in a quite a while. Check it out.

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