Councilmember Clark left office on April 14, 2015.
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Loss of a great neighborhood reporter

Russ Zabel, the great reporter for the Queen Anne/Magnolia News, passed away April 12. In these days when major print media is “contracting” (that’s what the economists call it, but most of it just call it going bankrupt), I’ve found the smaller neighborhood newspapers in Seattle to be more important than ever. Russ did a fantastic job truly covering the news important to Queen Anne and Magnolia. He understood the finer grain of coverage for the neighborhoods. You’re as apt to read about Little League scores in the neighborhood paper as you are about Viaduct replacement conflict. He was also very able to pin down city councilmembers and other decisionmakers with pointed questions and suspicion. I was always happy to get to talk with Russ. He knew his stuff, he enjoyed a good conversation on complicated subjects, and he liked finding a wrong that could be righted.

Russ had what I consider to be a fantastic job serving the city with information and he made the most of it. As is often the case we learn so much about someone after they’re gone. The Queen Anne/Magnolia News ran a great tribute to Russ detailing his achievements and his life as a traveler, calling his life “picaresque.”