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Pride, Pride and More Pride

Two months ago no one was sure there would be a Pride parade at all. Instead despite ongoing divisions between organizers, Seattle saw its fullest Pride weekend ever. I ended up participating in three separate parades/marches and three rallies. If there are this many major events (plus all the great smaller events) next year, maybe someone could devise a punchcard of some sort. Get the whole card punched and you get a prize of some sort.

Everyone will have a have a Monday morning quarterback (or drag queen) perspective on whether Pride weekend worked or not. Here are a few thoughts:

Bears,Bath&Beyond was my personal favorite from Sunday’s parade. They won the grand prize from the Stranger.

The downtown route cemented its popularity. Last year was NOT a beginner’s luck, one-time fluke.

I’m not sure there should necessarily be a march down Broadway. It was OK, but paled when compared in scale to the Downtown parade. Maybe Broadway and Capitol Hill build a queer street festival or other different event. There should be something in Seattle’s most queer-identified neighborho1od.

To the organizers of the Saturday and Sunday events:

  • Great job. Maybe you could collaborate on Pride 2008.
  • Don’t exhaust the non-profits that end up spreading themselves (mostly volunteers, by the way) too thinly over the weekend.
  • Don’t compete
  • Complement each other. There’s plenty of Pride to go around.